Hospice Home For The Dying



When we opened our Hospice in 1983, a word from Scripture was given to us that this place would be a gate of heaven (Gen 28:17) Certainly those working there have had the privilege of preparing hundreds of souls for that ultimate moment in their lives! Many have been brought to our Hospice suffering and afraid and have found comfort, peace and alleviation of their pain. The nursing staff, under the supervision of a dedicated doctor and matron, care for each patient as though that person is Jesus Himself. Our Hospice is dedicated to St Maximillian Kolbe, martyr of Auschwitz, who gave his life that another might live. St Maximillian ministered to others condemned to death with him and he continues to minister to the dying patients at our Hospice as some of ourpatients have testified to his presence with them in their last days.